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Loan Street Singapore is the go-to financing company for many Singaporeans, permanent residents, and foreigners. We believe in offering affordable loans, which you can get within a few hours. Unlike many traditional financial institutions, we believe that everyone should have equal access to credit. Especially during times of need. 

Therefore, we strive to work together with you to achieve your financial goals. To do so, we will take into account your financial possibilities, as we aim to provide you with the most affordable rates. Moreover, our quick and simple loan application process ensures that you get enough liquidity to solve your problems, quickly. 

While being caught in a tricky financial situation can be distressing, it pays to stay away from unlicensed moneylenders. On the other hand, we at Loan Street Singapore are a licensed, trustworthy, and popular financing solution. We have a proven track record with our borrowers as we seek to always provide you with the best customer support.

While other financial institutions focus on bureaucracy; we focus on thorough explanations and collaboration to help you get through your financial hurdles.

Loan Street Singapore’s Loans Are Designed to Meet Your Needs

Loan Street Singapore will offer you quick loans that are specially tailored to solve your problems. Our loan officers are experienced in the loan industry, and are committed to providing you with the best service. 

Our team at Loan Street Singapore will offer you good insight and help you find personalized financial assistance for your needs.

You won’t be burdened with exorbitant rates. We also understand that it might be daunting to apply for a loan, especially if it's the first time. Fret not as you may ask as many questions as you need. 

Whether you’re looking to solve a medical emergency, plan your wedding, or renovate your home, we are here for you. 

Apply for a fast cash loan with us today. It takes us minutes to approve it!

Home Remodelling / Renovation Personal Loan

Getting a home remodelling / renovation loan from a traditional financing institution isn’t always convenient. The eligibility criteria are often difficult to meet and the approval process takes longer. That said, Loan Street Singapore speeds up the loan process with our fast application and quick approval process. This way, you can improve the look of your home within days!

Our loans can help you changing furniture, improving your lighting, adding wheelchair-accessible options, or getting rid of mould. Our loans will help you select the best materials, contractor, and interior designing. You can take care of plumbing problems, masonry, carpentry, and more.

Medical Emergency / Hospitalisation Personal Loan

Loan Street Singapore understands that medical emergencies require prompt and immediate financial backup. Conversely, traditional financing institutions often have a tedious application process. Thus, it might be tougher to get your loan approved from them. Other times, you may face rejection simply because you do not have the best credit history.

Loan Street Singapore is different. We want everyone in Singapore to get the best medical assistance regardless of their income, history, and savings. We believe in equality for life, and that’s why we offer quick and customized financial assistance.

Paying for an emergency surgery that adds up to a few thousand dollars is difficult, but we will help. 

Car / Motorcycle Purchase Personal Loan

Purchasing a car or motorcycle gets you in the five or six-figure range easily. Apart from the vehicle’s price, you should also consider the COE and the charge for carbon emissions. It’s easy to understand that you may not have this much money saved.

We at Loan Street Singapore also understand that owning a car or motorcycle can be vital. It helps you get to work faster and keeps you safe. 

We’ll help you cover all the necessary fees, including insurance premiums and monthly installments. 

Local Public / Private University Personal Loan

Everyone should have access to knowledge and professional improvement. Approving a loan for someone who wants to attend university contributes to bettering our country’s growing economy. That’s why you can find a trustworthy partner in Loan Street Singapore.

If you wish to upgrade yourself and pursue higher education, you should benefit from convenient funding. New perspectives and better skills equal more opportunities. Your budget shouldn’t get in the way of that. Just consider that the necessary sum for your studies can reach up to $35,000 yearly, which is more than most people can save.

This is where Loan Street Singapore can step in with our convenient and accessible funding. 

Electrical Appliances / Homeware Personal Loan

Electrical appliance loans have lower chances of being approved because these aren’t considered essential items. However, owning a robotic vacuum cleaner or a dishwashing machine saves you the time you need to rest more. That way, you can keep stress and mental issues at bay, and also become more productive at work.

Unlike traditional financing institutions, we at Loan Street Singapore understand the importance of electrical appliances and homeware in your life. We promise to get you convenient funding solutions to purchase the equipment that will help make things more efficient at home. 

Apartment / Property Purchase Personal Loan

Most Singaporeans will have to take up a loan when purchasing a home. That’s because an HDB apartment can add up to $500,000, while a decent semi-detached house adds to $4,000,000. 

Not many financial institutions are willing to lend this much money. However, we at Loan Street Singapore understand the importance of owning your space for both your personal and professional development. That’s why we’ll help to lighten your financial burden as much as possible, while making a reliable plan and setting a realistic budget. 


Choose Loan Street Singapore as your financial partner and we guarantee:

Fast Approval

We at Loan Street Singapore understand that most people apply for loans when they need financial assistance quickly. That’s why we guarantee convenience, efficiency, and prompt liquidity.

All you have to do is submit your online loan application. It takes minutes to finish, and you’ll be contacted by our friendly loan officers within the hour. As we are a licensed financial institution, you will have to meet with us at our office with the necessary documentation. 

We’ll answer all your questions and customize the loan to ensure it is affordable and solves your needs. Therefore, you can get your cash or cheque on the spot. 

Flexible Loan Tenures

Loan Street Singapore understands that people have different needs, even if they qualify for the same type of loans. You have a unique financial situation and your problems need personalized solutions. 

Lucky for you, we offer flexible and highly customizable loans of up to 36 months. We will be more than willing to better understand your problems, so that we can better tailor a loan package to suit you. Our loan officers have a lot of financial experience, as well as good research skills. 

They will offer you good insights into how to use your quick loan to make the most of it. Besides, they will also advise you on how to make repayments comfortably.

Seamless Loan Application Process

Unlike other traditional financial institutions, we’ve expedited our loan process to ensure you get a quick, seamless submission. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes filling in your details on our online loan application form.

You don’t have to come to our headquarters or send us a lot of paperwork to apply. Write your application anytime, anywhere, and we’ll call you within the hour!

Simple Loan Eligibility

Traditional financing institutions may reject you after a lengthy and tiring application process. However, that’s not who we are. We believe everyone should be afforded help, and so we won’t reject your application simply because you have bad credit.

We’ll review all your information and do thorough research to find an affordable and customizable loan for your needs. We’ll also help you make a plan to spend and repay your loan wisely. All you need to do is produce a salary and proof of income. 

Apply with us now and you can receive the financial help you require within the day!

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