List of Top Personal Loan Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

List of Top Personal Loan Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Loan Street Highly Rated Licensed Moneylenders AwardAfter reviewing all the data on money lending companies, Loan Street has a list of the best Personal Loan Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore, all of which are vetted by the Ministry of Law. Read the list below to see which money lender is best for your purposes, but keep in mind that the list below does not rank them in sequential order. ** Additional note: The repayment period is at least two months and up to 24 months. The interest rate varies between 1% to 4% each month, depending on the borrowed sum and the agreed-upon repayment period.

Lending Bee Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Lending Bee Pte Ltd Personal Loan Money Lenders

Business Name:

Business Addresses:

Orchard Branch: [View Map]
14, Scotts Road, #02-44/45, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Bedok Branch: [View Map]
213, Bedok North Street 1, #01-111, Singapore 460213

Toa Payoh Branch: [View Map]
190, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #01-548, Singapore 310190

Jurong East Branch: [View Map]
2 Venture Drive, #24-26 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Licence No.: 54/2019

Landline No.: 62191611

Business Website:

Lending Bee is a well-established, legal moneylender in Singapore. They have assembled a committed and united team that aims to deliver the best credit options to its customers since 2005. They believe that loans should be less about bureaucracy and more about attainability. Lending Bee has helped thousands of citizens with various loans, so people could start their own businesses or solve personal emergencies. This licensed moneylender has a customer-centric vision focused on meeting the needs of all its clients with ethically and legally personalized loans. Lending Bee believes that no one should be mentally burdened by financial duress, which is why they present their clients a variety of opportunities that help them get out of financial difficulties. They offer  quick and painless credits, with an easy borrowing process. They also pride themselves in being a reliable company that emphasizes customer security, so all your identity information safe. Lending Bee is a relevant, professional company, focused on innovative financial solutions. They value transparency and simplicity, so their lending process is simple. They use intuitive online application forms, as well as online systems so you can verify your application status. Their team is expert and friendly, plus they give you quick replies.

What makes Lending Bee different? Apart from the online loan status checks, Lending Bee offers loans up to 100k. While most companies offer loan tenures up to 12 or 24 months, Lending Bee boasts a maximum repayment period of 36 months. With four outlets on Orchard Far East Plaza, Bedok, Jurong East Vision Exchange, and Toa Payoh, Lending Bee is easy to contact, so visit them today.

Are you searching for a quick and reliable source of financial help? Find out more information by visiting their website here.

Credit 21 Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Business Name:

Business Address:
10 Anson Road, #01-07 International Plaza
Singapore 079903
[View Map]

Licence No.: 38/2019

Landline No.: 6221-1811

Business Website:

Credit 21 is one of the best moneylenders in Singapore for personal loans. They have a license from the Ministry of Law, so they lend money legally. Credit 21 has a user-oriented mindset, dedicating a lot of time and effort to satisfy their clients’ needs. All the transactions made with Credit 21 are transparent, and they can offer personalised loan packages to ensure you get the best loan for your needs. Credit 21 is a popular moneylender because they have high customer satisfaction rates, ensured through their expert and responsive customer service. This company has low interest rates compared to other moneylenders in Singapore, which is advantageous for everyone. Another benefit is their flexible repayment options depending to make sure clients can repay the loan at a convenient pace and in affordable sums. Credit 21 is a good solution both for people who need large sums, and those who require small sums of money. This company has clients who need to pay for school taxes, clients who want to purchase apartments, as well as clients who need fast cash for emergency repairs. Per their user-friendly mindset, Credit 21 boasts an online loan application portal. Clients can apply for a loan from the comfort and privacy of their homes regardless of the time or date. These applications are processed quickly, in under eight hours, and clients get instant reply from Credit 21. Are you searching for fast assistance? Find out more information by visiting their website here.

Katong Credit Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Business Name:

Business Address:
304 Orchard Road, #02-30/31 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
[View Map]

Licence No.: 16/2019

Landline No.: 6291-2210

Business Website:

Katong Credit’s unique selling proposition is moral probity. This is a trustworthy, reliable company that has grown a great deal, thanks to their client’s loyalty. Their clients have diverse backgrounds and extremely varied needs, but Katong Credit has managed to keep all of them satisfied. Honest third-party recommendations are how they have become one of the most popular licensed moneylenders on the island. Everyone knows that, in Singapore, you need good credit to get an instant loan. Otherwise, the banks will reject your loan submission instantly, or ask you to pay increased interest rates. If you feel you have nowhere to turn to, Katong Credit can assist people with poor credit so that you can get access to fast cash. Singapore has a wide array of licensed moneylenders, but not all of them are as focused on friendly customer service as the team at Katong. This company offers several advantages, including a fast processing of your loan application and personalised loan options that fit your particular needs. It is also easy to meet Katong’s eligibility criteria, even if you are from a different country. If you are having a hard time accommodating to Singapore’s high prices, Katong Credit has special affordable loans for nonnatives too. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


Credit Thirty3 Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Business Name:

Business Address:
304 Orchard Road, #02-88 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
[View Map]

Licence No.: 1/2019

Landline No.: 6292-2931

Business Website:

Credit Thirty3, also known as Credit 33 is another legal moneylender in Singapore with a license from the Ministry of Law and an address in the Registry of Moneylenders. This company is popular because it offers various loan plans dedicated which help clients get fast cash, regardless of their budgets. Their rates are one of the lowest in Singapore, as Credit 33 can go as low 1% per annum. Credit 33 has good recommendations from satisfied customers, and it is one of the most popular licensed money lenders around Orchard. The loan officers are friendly and helpful and work hard to approve your applications quickly. That way you can focus your workday or your family time, instead of losing time in their offices. Credit 33 is renowned for their high interest in security, striving to keep their clients’ details safe and confidential. The reason is that Credit 33 has invested in quality security measures that protect their clients’ identities. As Credit 33 is focused on competitive rates, their clients can choose the best solution for their needs. You can currently find Credit 33 on Orchard Road, at Lucky Plaza. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


Horison Credit Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Business Name:

Business Address:
1 Park Rd, #01-15 People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108
[View Map]

Licence No.: 58/2019

Landline No.: 6844-2902

Business Website:

Horison Credit is a licensed moneylender in Singapore, and they are also one of the best known on the island. The reason is that this company offers tailored personal loan options that satisfy the needs and preferences of most clients, plus they come up with quick and reliable cash options. Most people will be faced with financial issues at one time or another when they need quick cash for an emergency. However, most people do not have where to turn in these distressing times. Horison Credit takes pride in their empathic approach to their customers’ personal problems, especially if these people need fast cash for emergency problems. Considering that Horison Credit is among the best licensed moneylenders in Singapore, they follow all the legal requirements established by the Ministry of Law. This company respects all the regulations regarding interest rates and repayment options. However, they distinguish themselves from other licensed moneylenders because (1) they process applications quickly, (2) their eligibility criteria are easy, and (3) they boast debt consolidation. Horison Credit is a transparent, correct and advantageous moneylender. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

1AP Capital Pte. Ltd. Licensed Money Lender

1AP Capital is a professional legal money lender and credit company, with top recommendations from satisfied customers all over Singapore. They offer several credit options, including packages for Business, Education, Personal, and Renovation Loans. The team at 1AP Capital gathers a core group of experts who craft personalised loans that specifically target all their customers’ needs. As such, you can browse credit options for residents, nonnatives, and business people. 1AP Capital is a leader in Singapore’s money lending industry, with extensive expertise and thorough know-how of the financial market. 1AP Capital focuses on customer satisfaction and prioritises its high-quality customer service. If you need a fast loan for your emergencies from a trustworthy source, 1AP Capital will give you expert professional assistance for finding the best loan solution for your needs. If you’re looking for quick assistance, call them today at 6533-5335 to get in touch with their helpful loan officers. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


U Credit (Pte.) Ltd Licensed Moneylender

U Credit Pte Ltd Licensed Moneylender

U Credit is another good solution on the market of dependable, licensed money lenders in Singapore because they have enticing interest rates and have great satisfaction rates. U Credit can offer assistance for even the most unique loan applications. The loan officers here will thoroughly explain all the details regarding repayments and rate schedule, to make sure you choose the best solution depending on your budget and financial status. You will be able to compare the rates offered by U Credit with those offered by all the licensed moneylenders in Singapore before deciding. The reason is that U credit prioritises their clients’ needs, so they will help you get the best loan plan, whether it is with them or not. The staff at U Credit reviews clients’ applications quickly. They have small interest rates, personalised repayment plans, and stellar customer service. If you are a nonnative looking for a loan in Singapore for any financial emergencies, U Credit will do their best to assist you. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


CreditMaster Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

CreditMaster Pte Ltd Licensed Money Lender

CreditMaster is among the best-liked money lenders in Singapore. This company has a Ministry of Law legal license and has seen a quick ascension on the money lending market thanks to their high customer satisfaction rates. Their clients are happy about the friendly customer service and innovative financial options. This company’s portfolio gathers thousands of satisfied clients who have received quick access to convenient loans, without the irksome traditional processes for bank loans. As this company is trustworthy, they get the majority of new clients through third-party referrals. To ensure their good name and reputation, CreditMaster continues to offer some of the highest-quality financial solutions. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


BST Credit Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

BST Credit Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

BST is short for Begin with Service and Trust, something all moneylenders should strive for. Their quick access to loans is targeted at everyone in Singapore, whether citizens, permanent residents, or nonnative workers. BST understands that all people face financial issues at one point or another when they need fast access to cash to solve emergencies or other pressing matters. BST follows all the legal obligations outlined in the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore, so you can trust that BST will look after your interests, with high-quality financial assistance. Find out more information by visiting their website here.


Credit Matters Pte. Ltd. Licensed Moneylender

Credit Matters Pte Ltd Licensed Money Lenders

Credit Matters is a licensed moneylender who takes pride in its professional staff. Licensed by the Ministry of Law for loan and money services, they extend their services to natives, permanent residents, and nonnative workers with up to date employment passes. Credit Matters boasts a wide array of money lending options and fast cash loans. They have top-notch services so people can get access to loans in a matter of hours, which helps them deal with their problems quickly. Credit Matters does not focus solely on fast cash. They offer competitive interest rates to make sure customers are satisfied with their tailored loan options that allow them to solve their financial issues efficiently. Credit Matters addresses everyone in Singapore, from employed citizens to permanent residents, as well as natives and nonnatives with variable incomes or entrepreneurial ventures. Do you need fast help? Find out more information by visiting their website here.

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